Stewards Newsletter

August 2019


Hallo and welcome to our August Newsletter.

50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. July 1969 was the actual Anniversary and even though I remember when it happened I am fascinated by all the TV programmes and all the items in the Newspapers about it. This was the first all night programme by the BBC. At 3.56am British time (2.56am GMT) on the 21st July 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon followed by Buzz Aldrin. My daughter Jill reminded me that we woke her in the early hours so that she could watch the landing with us.  The record global audience that watched the Moon landing was 600 million people and this wasn’t surpassed for another 12 years until in 1981, 750 million people tuned in around the world to follow the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Golf in Heaven. 2 mature men played golf twice a week for 25 years. They are beginning to feel a bit frail.  “I wonder if they play golf in Heaven?” asks Jack. “We won’t have much longer to wait” says Ted. 2 weeks later Ted passes away. Jack is distraught at the loss of his friend. A week later Jack was looking at the Sports News when his friend’s ghost appears in the room. “Gosh Ted, what news on golf played in Heaven?” “There’s good news and bad news,” says Ted. “There is golf in Heaven but the bad news is you will be on the first tee in the morning.”

We are waiting with great anticipation as my granddaughter Natalie and my 2 great grandchildren are coming on a visit from Canada on the 7th of August. I have only seen 6-month old Willow on Skype. Natalie’s husband Adam cannot come because he is one of the co-founders involved on a fundraising mountain climb for a Charity called Summitfor SickKids and this year 10 of the members will climb 5 mountains in the Canadian Rockies for 5 sick children who are affected by Cancer. Their goal is to raise $50,000 and they are well on their way to achieving this with the various events they have run this year.

The 10 most important words in one’s vocabulary A friend from Canada sent this to me and I like it very much.

The most selfish 1 letter word I  Avoid it

The most satisfying 2 letter word We   Use it

The most poisonous 3 letter word Ego   Overcome it

The most used 4 letter word Love   Value it

The most pleasing 5 letter word Smile   Keep it

The fastest spreading 6 letter word Rumour  Ignore it

The hardest working 7 letter word Success  Achieve it

The most enviable 8 letter word Jealousy  Distance it

The most powerful 9 letter word Knowledge  Acquire it

The most valued 10 letter word Friendship  Maintain it

Lots of activities happening at the Community Centre and in Hayling Park this summer and here are some of them.

CONNECT4SUMMER Free Family Fun Day from 30thJuly to 23rd August. Including Crafts, Entertainers, Activities, Games and Free Food. To book and for further details email: or phone 02392 489811, this is getting very full up so please book as soon as possible.

The Lions are hosting a Free Teddy Bears Picnic on Wednesday August 21 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm in Hayling Park. Bring Teddy and a Picnic. The T@The Park Cafe will also be open for a little bit of sustenance for the family.

3 Churches Fete on the 14thAugust from12 noon – till Fun and entertainment for all ages.

Lawn Tennis Association “Nature Valley Big Tennis Weekend” at Hayling Park Tennis Courts. This actually is on the same day as the 3 Churches Fete and its Free. Everyone welcome and there will be tennis racquets and balls for people to come along and have a go. No need to book.

Very sad to see the demise of the Hayling Islander. In the meantime pick up a copy of the PO9 & PO11 from Reception to keep you informed of events on the Island. Also, don’t forget to pick up a copy of “What’s On” from Reception which gives details of all the events, classes etc taking place at the Centre.

Quiz Time No Quiz for August because too many people are on holiday. Our Winner this month is Pamela Henderson. Congratulations and enjoy your Prize. 

I suppose because of the Golf Open taking place at Royal Port Rush in Northern Ireland, I have been sent a few Irish jokes. Can’t resist telling you this one.

Sean goes to Court charged with armed robbery. The Jury Foreman came out and announced “NOT GUILTY.” “That’s grand.” Shouted Sean. “Does that mean I can keep the money?”

Fly the Flag You may be interested in 2 items I read from Alan Mak. One was an offer of a Free Flag either a Union Flag or the St   George’s Cross Flag to any resident living in the Havant constituency (first come first served). I do like flying Flags and I ordered one and it has just arrived. To request a Free Flag (including free postage) visit The other offer was a free tour of Parliament with professional guides organised by Alan for his constituents. The trip includes return coach travel from Havant and a Q & A session. Visit for further information.

A reminder before the following 2 excursions become fully booked. Full details on the Notice Board in Reception. 11th September - Compton Acres and 4th November - Les Miserables in Southampton. 

See you all at the Centre’s Family Fun Day and Car Boot Sale on 26th August from 11.00am to 2.00pm.

Best Wishes,  

Cathy Kennealy