Stewards Newsletter

May 2019


Welcome to our May Newsletter and what a glorious Easter we had. It was great to see the Island packed to the gills and on Easter Sunday evening people were still swimming in the sea at 7.15pm.

Let us have high hopes for the next 2 Bank Holidays in May. Monday 6th of May will be the May Bank Holiday and Monday 27th of May will be the Spring Bank Holiday so keep all the Summer clothes out for then. I packed all my Summer clothes away last October and because I am also doing a certain amount of packing in the hope that I will be moving, I cannot find them because obviously I did not label them. What an excuse to buy some new things! Although I keep thinking of a tip I heard a few weeks ago from Louise Mincham on Breakfast TV, “Do some shopping in your wardrobe first before you go shopping for new clothes.” I am trying to stick to this but I am taking a few things to the Charity Shops.

THE CENTRE’S ANNUAL FUND RAISING QUIZ is on Friday 17th May 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. There are still a few places available, so don’t delay, book today. The cost, including Supper, is £10.00 per person. Please register your team by phoning Tania on 02392467567. If you cannot get together a team of 8, have a chat with Tania and she may be able to help you make up a team. All proceeds raised go towards funds for the Community Centre.

I talked with a homeless man this morning in Havant and asked him how he had ended up this way. He said, “Up until last week, I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed. I had a roof over my head. I had HDTV and the Internet. I went to the Gym, the Pool and the Library every day. I was working on my MBA on line. I had no bills and no debt. I even had full medical coverage.” I felt so sorry for him, so I asked, “What happened? Drugs? Alcohol? Divorce? “Oh no, nothing like that, no, no.” “I was PAROLED.”

Volunteering “gives the same high as exercise”

This is according to the Health page in the Daily Mail. Research commissioned by the Royal Voluntary Service found that volunteering boosts self-confidence, has a positive impact on mental health and teaches new skills. They polled 1,000 members and found two-thirds (65 per cent) of those who volunteered felt happier while they were doing it. Those who give their time to others found it had an equivalent mental health boost as going for a 2 mile jog.

Tina, people reading this will be queueing up to volunteer as Stewards.

Grandma. The Doctor who had been seeing an 80-year-old woman for most of her life, finally retired. At her next check up, the new Doctor told her to bring a list of all the medicines that had been prescribed for her. As the Doctor was looking through these, his eyes grew wide as he realised Grandma had a prescription for birth control pills. “Mrs Johnson, do you realise these are birth control pills?” “Oh yes, they help me to sleep at night.” The Doctor said, “Mrs Johnson, I assure you that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in these that could possibly help you sleep!” The old lady reached out and patted the Doctor’s knee. “Yes, dear I know that. But every morning I grind one and mix it in the glass of Orange Juice that my 16 year old Granddaughter drinks and believe me, it definitely helps me to sleep at night.”

Some dates for your diary. Our annual Thank You lunch for stewards will take place at Sinah Warren on Thursday 27th of June – always a very special event and your invitation will be in the post soon.

August Bank Holiday Monday 26th of August Giant Car Boot Sale and Fun Day in Hayling Park. We will be having a soft toy tombola and our usual tombola and a jam jar stall plus many other attractions. Contributions will be gratefully accepted plus some jam jars please.

Quiz Time. Nice easy Quiz for April and plenty of entries but only 1 winner drawn at random. Congratulations Lin Brumby and your prize is waiting for you. A Crossword for May and the closing date will be 10am on the 28th of May.

All the excursions are selling well but we have a few spaces here and there particularly on the Amberley Museum followed by a Cruise on the Wey and Arun Canal. Check on availability by calling in or telephoning 02392 467545.

It’s a Fact! The average National Lottery winner buys between 4 and 5 cars for themselves, friends and family. I can’t understand why people have to buy more than 1 car. My absolute favourite car was my red Fiat 500 and I regret selling it. I sold it because people kept saying because it was 7 years old and “things would soon start going wrong with it.”

Our Steward Margaret Wingate is going in to Hospital next week for a long awaited operation. Margaret makes the absolutely scrumptious cakes for our Stewards Coffee Morning. I am sure we would like to send her our love and wish her well and come back soon to make our cakes for the next Coffee Morning. xx

St Patrick’s Church on Manor Road have arranged an excursion on Thursday 20th June to Arundel Roman Catholic Cathedral to see the Carpet of Flowers. This custom started in 1877 when the gardeners from the Castle undertook the task of making the carpet, but nowadays it is undertaken by the Parishioners. It runs down the centre aisle to the front door of the Cathedral and it is breathtaking. The coach leaves from St Patricks at 1pm and the cost is £13.00 (there is no entrance charge at the Cathedral). Please telephone Pauline Brice on 02392 468498 or myself on 02392 469415 for further details.

Best Wishes,

Cathy Kennealy